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This Week's
Of The
Bell Curve


The Republican Party's
Favorite Fister

Colorado State Rep.

Bill "I'll Cram My Fist Up Your Ass!" Cadman

What is it with Republicans and sex, anyway?

They say these bizarre fisting things, make bizarre fisting threats against Democrats, and yet the mainstream press (except for one brave columnist) refuses to publish what Cadman said.

Cranky Cadman

At the time this was written Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, still hadn't forthrightly apologized for warning a colleague Tuesday on the floor of the House, "If you try that again, I'll ram my fist up your ass."

Instead, Cadman was splitting hairs. He insisted the responsibility was reciprocal: The fellow he'd threatened, Rep. Val Vigil, D-Thornton, should have to apologize, too, because Vigil had told Cadman he was "garbage." In fact, Cadman suggested, Vigil should apologize first, presumably because he'd "started it," to use the playground lingo appropriate for these two legislative titans.

Well, of course Vigil should have apologized immediately, too. But an individual's responsibility to do the right thing is not contingent on others acting first. What is shocking is not only Cadman's reluctance to express regret but the fact that he wasn't absolutely mortified by what he'd stooped to say. It would never occur to most people to use such an expression even in private, no matter how incensed they were over an affront, let alone utter such words in public before other elected officials. LINK

Here's where bloggers differ from journalists...

Journalists are supposed to write what was said, who said it, where it was said, and when it was said... while presenting both sides of political issues.


(From the Denver Post's account)...

What: A Republican lawmaker used a vulgar term to intimidate a Democrat with whom he had a disagreement over an amendment to a bill.

Who: Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, said Wednesday he regretted the vulgar remark he made to Rep. Val Vigil, D-Thornton.

When: The day before(which means that you have to do your own research, lazy readers!)

Where: Though he regrets having lost his temper on the House floor, Cadman said he wasn't the first lawmaker ever to do so. (You have to read the entire article to get to this tidbit.)

Both sides? Cadman used a vulgar term (which reporters won't quote), but Vigil used the dreaded word garbage.

Bloggers dig for the dirt, connect the dots, and try to flesh out (Remain calm, Cadman!) the story:

What: "I'll cram my fist up your ass!"

Who: Rep. Cadman told Rep. Vigil that he would cram his (Cadman's) fist up his (Vigil's) ass.

Where: On the floor of the Colorado State House Of Representatives.

When: Tuesday, February 22, 2005

WHY (as I understand the exchange): Cadman called Vigil's amendment GARBAGE.

Vigil replied, "Well, you're garbage."

To which, Cadman yelled, "Try that again, and I'll cram my fist up your ass!"

Both sides? One brave columnist actually quotes Cadman, but most accounts leave out the details of the exchange!

Vigil says garbage, but Cadman wants to fist him.

To a journalist, that's both sides.

No attempt whatsoever to expose the truth.

Which begs the question:

Is Bill Cadman garbage?

To answer that question, bloggers go to the most obvious (free) source:!

Rep. Bill "The Fister" Cadman really is some piece of work, folks:

Critics say bill guts concealed-carry law

By The Associated Press

DENVER — A proposal before the Legislature would gut Colorado's concealed weapons law by ending background checks and eliminating required training for owning a weapon, opponents said.

One of the measure's 10 sponsors said it would eliminate government oversight of a constitutional right.

"I don't have to get some government authority to grant me the ability to assert my right," said Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs.

"I would call this the 'reaffirmation of your Second Amendment rights bill," he said. LINK

Sharks to Keep Swimming
Industry lobbyists help sink predatory lending curbs
by Terje Langeland

Unscrupulous mortgage lenders who prey on poor and uninformed consumers will continue to operate in Colorado without constraints, following the defeat last week of a proposed state law that would have reined in the worst offenders, consumer advocates say.

Despite sailing through the state Senate on a 24-8 vote, the measure -- aimed to restrict so-called "predatory loans" -- was killed by the House Information and Technology Committee in a 6-5 Republican-controlled party-line vote. Among those opposing the bill was the committee's vice chairman, Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs.

Supporters of the legislation, named Senate Bill 73, blamed its defeat on lobbying by the lending industry, and the influence of industry money. LINK

Faculty defend free-speech rights of UCB prof amid public outcry

February 3, 2005

By Jefferson Dodge

Despite the threat of a punitive budget cut from the Legislature and calls from the governor for Ward Churchill of CU-Boulder ethnic studies to resign or be dismissed, CU faculty leaders are defending Churchill's right to make controversial statements under the principles of free speech. --snip--

Several legislators said that if CU does not take action against Churchill, the University would be penalized. Rep. Bill Cadman ( R-Colorado Springs ) called for a supplemental bill to the 2004-05 budget to strip CU of general funds equivalent to the amount of Churchill's $94,242 salary. LINK

AG reviews bill to unmask donors

By Trent Seibert
Denver Post Capitol Bureau

Apr. 3, 2001 - The fate of a bill that could force secret political committees to say who their backers are hinges on a report from the state attorney general.

The report, which could be delivered to the legislature as early as this morning, examines Senate Bill 92 to see whether it could stand up in court if it becomes law.

It's not the first time the bill will be heard in Sinclair's State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. It passed that committee on a 6-3 vote March 27, but committee member Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Col orado Springs, said later that he had voted wrong and wanted to vote again.

Cadman said he should have done more research initially because he questioned the bill's constitutionality. "It's my fault," he said. "I wish I had voted against it." Reconsidering bills is so rare it prompted some to say it was a move to kill a bill that many politicians don't like because it gives citizens more information about campaigns. LINK

From J.B. Holston...

The debate was so rancorous that lawmakers met in face-to-face shouting matches, an upset staffer wept during a hearing and Democrats were barred from speaking.

and, in their effort to protect democracy,

Republicans cut off questions and forced votes with loud bangs of the gavel. ....

After an emotional hearing before the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, an upset clerk cried while calling the roll for a vote.
The measure passed the panel on a 7-2 vote, with Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, telling Democrats, "There will be no discussion. You will vote yes or no."

House committee thwarts effort to expand hate crimes law

The bill passed the Senate on a voice vote. It was then referred to the House Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs.

“Hate crimes exist, we can’t deny this,” Rep. Mark Larson, the bill’s sponsor in the House of Representatives, said during committee hearings. “And it is the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens – all citizens.”

The Christian Coalition of Colorado ailed thousands of letters in Larson’s home district branding him a “leader for the radical homosexual agenda.”

Rep. Bill Cadman, who opposed the bill, expressed his concern that such laws would give special treatment to groups such as homosexuals.

Republican committee members killed the bill on a 5-4 party-line vote. This was the eighth time the bill has been introduced since 1991. [HC2001] LINK

GOP Rising Star Becomes "Un-person"
The savage and Orwellian tale of a shamed Colorado GOP player

by Dave "Doctor" Gonzo

It's enough to make you cringe these days to see Republicans in action. If they're not contradicting their own words with their actions, they're busy coming up with other ways to show their true "values".

After all, actions speak louder than words -- and nobody "speaks" Orwellian quite like your garden variety conservative Republicans. --snip--

Case in point: the bizarre and disturbing tale of one Randy Ankeney. --snip--

Mr. Ankeney is described in an article in the September 6, 2001 online edition of the Rocky Mountain News as "a fixture in El Paso County Republican politics until his arrest in July in a sex scandal involving a young girl." The article fills in a few more details: he named his dogs Reagan and Nixon, and was active in coordinating election campaigns for local and state Republicans. He had worked since last November as one of Colorado Governor Owens' economic development representatives. --snip--

The politician Ankeney is reputedly closest to, state Rep. Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) was, according to the Rocky Mountain News, "reluctant to comment." LINK

Reluctant to comment?

Now that you know a bit more about Bill (The Future Fister) Cadman, do you believe he was truthful in his response to the Rocky Mountain News?

And that's the difference between bloggers and journalists.

Bloggers want the truth.

The whole truth.

And nothing but the truth.

So help us.


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