Monday, August 02, 2004

Colin McNickle Whines About "Liberal Demonizing"

Quick! Call the WAAAAAM-BULANCE!

Editor in 'Shove It' Incident Shoves Back

By E&P Staff

Published: August 02, 2004 12:01 AM EST

NEW YORK Colin McNickle, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staffer asked by Teresa Heinz Kerry to "shove it" last Sunday, now contends that in the aftermath of that widely-reported incident liberals "did their best to demonize not only me but the Trib."

The Tribune-Review (Click for QuikCap), owned by Richard Mellon Scaife, was often accused last week of being a right-wing "rag," McNickle complained in a Sunday column, and this was "vomited repeatedly by liberal media elitists."

Heinz Kerry, he added, "publicly impugned my personal and professional integrity" and allegedly equated his behavior with "McCarthyism." McNickle also lashed out at the negative reactions of everyone from singer Patti Labelle to columnist Jack Germond and filmmaker Michael Moore. He said he had received hate mail and death threats.

As editorial page editor and columnist at his newspaper, McNickle has often harshly criticized the Kerrys.

As for the "shove it" remark: "I have been told worse things by more important people," he said. LINK

Boo Cheneying Hoo, Colin!

In case you missed my McNickle Lament, here it is:

Meet Mr. Shove-It!

In case you forgot to contact Colin McNickle the last time I posted his contact info, here it is again:

Colin McNickle
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Editor, Editorial Page

(412) 320-7836



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