Friday, August 06, 2004

Just When You Thought George W. Couldn't Possibly Be Any Dumber...

From today's Unity speech:
We actually misnamed the war on terror, it ought to be the Struggle Against Ideological Extremists Who Do Not Believe In Free Societies Who Happen To Use Terror As A Weapon To Try To Shake The Conscience Of The Free World. (Laughter.) LINK

TV and Radio announcers have had a field day with the acronym:


If the acronym reflected what George W. actually said:


More choice quotes from the Q & A following this speech:

THE PRESIDENT: Tribal sovereignty means that, it's sovereign. You're a -- you've been given sovereignty, and you're viewed as a sovereign entity. And, therefore, the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between sovereign entities.

Q Mr. President, you remarked -- in your remarks you said that 8 million people in Afghanistan registered to vote, and as you said, exercised their God-given right to vote.


Q That may be a right from God, but it's not guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. In 2000, an estimated 2 million people -- half African American -- had their votes discounted, from Florida to Cook County, Illinois to other cities. (Applause.) Come on, that cuts into other questions. Are you going to order Attorney General John Ashcroft to send federal election monitors to Florida and other southern states?

THE PRESIDENT: First of all, look, I can understand why African Americans, in particular, are worried about being able to vote, since the vote had been denied for so long in the South, in particular. I understand that. And this administration wants everybody to vote.


Just don't focus on Florida. Now, I'll talk to the governor down there to make sure it works. (Laughter.)

Wake me when we have a smart president again.


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