Monday, August 16, 2004

OK, It's Getting
Really Weird
In Florida!

Officials reluctant to release death toll (Hurricane Charley)

CHARLOTTE COUNTY - Two refrigerated trucks sat in the wind-torn parking lot of the Best Western Water Front Inn off the tranquil waters of Charlotte Harbor, serving as a temporary morgue for the casualties of Hurricane Charley.

Four people may have been killed by the storm in Charlotte County, some reports indicate, and Charley led to at least 16 deaths statewide during its forceful push Friday through Florida.

With ongoing search and rescue efforts stretching into the evening hours Sunday, Charlotte County emergency officials declined to confirm the county's fatalities.

"We've never dealt with a mass casualty event, and we're not yet prepared to (verify) or acknowledge the number of fatalities," said Wayne Sallade, director of Charlotte County's emergency management. "Yes, there are fatalities. Yes, there are people in those refrigerated trucks at the temporary morgue, but we're not prepared to say how many. At this point, I'm not sure that I have the accurate number." LINK

Can't or won't? Which is it, Wayne?

Wayne is either learning impaired and can't count the body bags stacked inside 2 trucks...

Or Wayne has been told NOT TO DISCLOSE the number of body bags stacked inside the 2 trucks.


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