Sunday, September 26, 2004

Today's Sermon

Are you an Apatheist?

Does it matter?

Theology is the effort to explain the unknowable in terms of the not worth knowing.
- H.L. Mencken

Whatever is thus.

-Mr. Natural

The Church of Apatheism

There are four main roots of theology (we'll ignore the various ascetic, moral, dogmatic, etc. branches of theology and stick to the roots): theism, agnosticism, atheism, and apatheism - all of which answer to ideas of the existence of supreme beings. Simply put, theists don't deny, agnostics don't know, atheists don't believe, and apatheists don't care about the existence of gods.

Apatheists neither believe in nor deny the existence of gods. They simply aren't interested one way or the other. To Apatheists, the "god question" is profoundly unimportant. Even if there were a blatant, undisputed answer to the question, we would most likely go on living our lives the same ways we already do.

There are several "sects" of Apatheism. There are many NP Apatheists - the Non-Practicing kind, which generally makes sense if you're an Apatheist. Others are Latent Apatheists, meaning they are but don't know it yet. Another common form is Closet Apatheism - pretending to be a member of some religion, but really, deep down, not caring one way or another whether god(s) exist. Evangelical Apatheism, practiced by many members of the Church of Apatheism, attempts to nonchalantly spread the tenets of Apatheistic thought, and to provide intellectual sanctuary to apatheists everywhere. LINK


Thus endeth today's sermon.


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