Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hang Ten, George W. Juvenile!

For Immediate Release

New Kerry Ad Condemns Bush for Tasteless Attack Ad

Washington, DC - Taking to the airwaves with a new ad titled "Juvenile," the Kerry-Edwards campaign today is condemning the Commander-in-Chief for responding to the deteriorating situation in Iraq by running a juvenile and tasteless attack ad.

The ad will air in the same markets as the new Bush ad "Windsurfing."
"This week has seen a further deterioration of chaos in Iraq," said Kerry-Edwards spokesperson Mike McCurry. "And the response from George W. Bush and his campaign? A shrug of the shoulder from the president at the U.N., and an advertisement that takes a lighthearted approach to the war in Iraq. Mr. President, this is a shameful advertisement that shows a disturbing disregard for those fighting and sacrificing in Iraq, and you should repudiate it immediately."

While the president attacks his opponent as events deteriorate on the ground, Kerry has a plan to win the peace and avoid failure in Iraq, including getting our allies involved, speeding up the training of Iraqi security forces and taking the necessary steps to hold elections next year.

"Juvenile" can be viewed at


NARRATOR: 1,000 US casualties.

2 American's beheaded just this week.

The Pentagon admits terrorists are pouring into Iraq.

In the face of the Iraq quagmire, George Bush's answer is to run a juvenile and tasteless attack ad.

John Kerry has a plan for success.

Get allies involved.

Speed up the training of Iraqis.

Take essential steps to get a free election next year.

On Iraq, it's time for a new direction.


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