Thursday, November 11, 2004

This Week's
Of The
Bell Curve

IN THE 1990s AND 2000s


The chances are excellent that Reverend James Dobson has contempt and loathing for you: if you have an opinion different than his; if you worship God in a slightly different way than he does; if your skin tone is not like his; if you do not have a penis.... it is the belief of Reverend James Dobson that you do not know what is best for yourself and your community, but he, and only he, does.

Ignore for the moment the fact that America's "founding fathers" were mostly atheists, Humanists, and Deists who loathed and despised Christianity, even though most of them belonged (but did not attend) State churches. Even if Reverend James Dobson's lie that the founders were neo-fascist Fundamentalist Christians such as himself was true, that does not mean America should become the theocracy Reverend James Dobson desires.

If one wishes to see the results of Reverend James Dobson's plans for America, one need only look at the nation of Iran: there one will see the future of Reverend James Dobson's dreams. Freedom to worship as one please will be revoked, and the "real, true" version of Christianity will be inflicted upon the citizenry--- if not overtly, then covertly via "school vouchers," "equal time" for Creationism occult beliefs, and "school prayer."

Reverend James Dobson used his political influence (i.e. $$) to PREVENT the password blocking of "900 number" so-called "phone sex" phone numbers. Now, "thanks" to Reverend James Dobson, children may call these numbers and listen to "phone sex" without parental knowledge--- something the password system would have prevented, if only Reverend James Dobson had not fought against the password plan.

Why did Reverend James Dobson oppose password protection against so-called "phone sex" phone numbers? That's obvious: the password system would have put the supervision of a family's children squarely in the hands of the parents and not in the hands of Reverend James Dobson and his cult, where he wants it most. You see, along with Reverend James Dobson's other beliefs about people different than him, he also believes you and almost every other American are not competent enough to raise your children: he wants that to be his job, not yours. LINK


Click the pic to meet the real James Dobson.


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