Monday, December 27, 2004

3 Americans Dead...
Now we care (sort of)?

U.S. Offers Aid to Quake Victims; at Least 3 Americans Among Dead

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. government is offering to help Asian nations struck by a massive earthquake and devastating tsunamis that killed nearly 20,000 people, including at least three Americans.

"The United States stands ready to offer all appropriate assistance to those nations most affected," White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy said in a statement Sunday.

State Department spokesman Noel Clay said U.S. officials were working on ways to help. "The United States will be very responsive," he said, offering no details on plans for relief and assistance.

Clay said three Americans were killed - two in Sri Lanka, one in Thailand - and a number of other Americans were injured. Clay did not have details or identities of the dead and injured.

President Bush expressed his condolences over the "terrible loss of life and suffering," said the White House statement issued aboard Air Force One. Bush was traveling from Washington to Texas, where he was beginning a post-Christmas vacation at his Crawford ranch.

White House officials said U.S. relief efforts already were under way to help people in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, a string of 1,192 coral atolls off the southwestern coast of India. They said the United States also will work with the United Nations, non-governmental organizations and other concerned states to provide relief.

The State Department issued advisories warning Americans to avoid travel to Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the southwestern area of Thailand. U.S. citizens in those areas were encouraged to leave as soon as safe transportation was available. LINK


offering to help- Now that 3 Americans are confirmed dead, BushCo has to pretend to care.

appropriate- Hey, victims! Don't think for an instant that we're sending money, even if we eventually say we will. Remember George W.'s promise of $15 million in AIDS money to Africa?

working on ways to help/offering no details on plans for relief and assistance- We're waiting for great press coverage of Red Cross efforts, which we will praise with planted quotes in news stories, thereby linking our BushCo brand name with the internationally respected Red Cross brand name.

White House statement issued aboard Air Force One- You didn't honestly believe that George W. cared enough to walk into the Rose Garden long enough to issue a personal statement about this global tragedy, did you? His vacation hours are precious, don'tchaknow?

U.S. relief efforts already were under way- The Red Cross is already on the scene. Some Red Cross workers are American. "We're" American; therefore, we're already helping.

the United States will work with- Remember when you used to add your childhood scrawl to gift tags and greeting cards, as if you had something to do with buying, wrapping, and delivering a gift to someone?

The State Department issued advisories warning Americans to avoid travel- Here's your proof that we're doing something, so shut the F up already!

Heavy, heavy sigh.


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