Thursday, April 07, 2005

George W. & Laura Do
That Pope's Funeral Thing

George W. & Laura left for Rome this week because American Fascist Fundies really liked John Paul II's anti-abortion views.

Typical class act departure there, Laura!

George W. & Laura took Condi Rice along, claiming there was no room for Former US President James Earl Carter.

Who could blame them?

After all, who wants to be seen with the US President known for his dedication to peace in our time (aka A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER)?

Former US President Carter accepts
The Nobel Peace Prize.

George W. looks bored, and Laura looks like her recent face work isn't quite camera-ready...

What's with Laura The Methodist's mantilla?
Hint: It doesn't cover the face work, Laura!
In fact, it has a whiff of Elvira about it.

Hey, George W.!

What time is it?

Or are you contemplating your manicure?

George W. appears lost in space
thought, as usual.

At a time like this, when the world pauses for a moment to bury a religious leader, I can't help but wonder...

Is Laura's New & Improved Face the result of being compared to Jack Nicholson's Joker makeup so often?

I guess I shouldn't focus so narrowly on Laura's Face Work when the truly important issue is the Pope's funeral week.

After all, who could ever forget the Pope's obvious opinion of George W.?

Echoing John Paul II's heavy sigh.


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