Saturday, June 18, 2005

Coming Soon:
Freepers Attack Tom Hanks!

Your scrivener predicts...

"Tom Hanks Is The Poster Child Of The Dreaded Liberal Hollywood Elite!"

"Tom Hanks Hates America!"

"Tom Hanks Hates You For Your Freedoms!"

"Tom Hanks Is French!"

Book And Movie Deal For Deepthroat

SAN FRANCISCO There's a book and movie deal for the life story of The Washington Post Watergate source known as "Deep Throat."

His publisher and agent says Mark Felt and his family have made a deal with PublicAffairs Books. The tentative title: "A G-man's Life: The FBI, Being `Deep Throat' And the Struggle for Honor in Washington." --snip--

The publisher also says Universal Pictures has optioned the story for a movie to be developed by Tom Hanks' production company.

Felt's agent says the story will expand "the picture of this man's life."

Your scrivener also predicts...

If Tom Hanks stars in the "Deepthroat" movie, he'll make a friggin' fortune, he'll be nominated for another Academy Award, and the Fascist Fundie Freeper attacks on his patriotism will just make the film more successful.

Here's to you, Mr. Hanks!


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