Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today's Sermon:
Devil Babies & Crucified Nuns

Holy Shades of Loudun!

What's up with the Romanian Orthodox Church?

First, some random nuns label a newborn "the work of Satan."

Later, a totally whacked priest (aided by some more random nuns) exorcises a young nun, gags her, and crucifies her.

Yes, crucifixion.

Yes, this is the year 2005 in the Common Era.

Your child is the work of the devil, Church tells world's oldest mother

By Monica Petrescu in Bucharest
(Filed: 12/06/2005)

She looked wan and weary and needed the physical support of two friends as she stood for the hour-long service, enduring the words of the nuns who told her that giving birth at the age of 66 was the "work of Satan".

Adriana Iliescu, who became the world's oldest mother in January after fertility treatment, drew the wrath of critics as her baby daughter, Eliza, was baptised into the Romanian Orthodox church last week. The private ceremony took place at the Convent of the Archangels Mihail and Gavril, just outside the capital, Bucharest.

Adriana Iliescu became a mother at the age of 66

A spokesman for the convent said: "We could not refuse to baptise this child - she needs to be baptised and it is the duty of the Church. But what the mother did was Satan's work." --snip--

The retired university professor and author of children's books became pregnant last year using donor eggs and sperm after nine years of fertility treatment. LINK

So why are the nuns ragging on the new mom?


Mrs Iliescu says that Eliza doesn't need a father; nor does she herself need a man.

Get the picture?

As for that crucified nun...

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'

A Romanian nun has died after being bound to a cross, gagged and left alone for three days in a cold room in a convent, Romanian police have said.

Members of the convent in north-west Romania claim Maricica Irina Cornici was possessed and that the crucifixion had been part of an exorcism ritual.

Cornici was found dead on the cross on Wednesday after fellow nuns called an ambulance, according to police.

A priest and four nuns were charged with imprisonment leading to death. --snip--

Father Daniel who is accused of orchestrating the crime is said to be unrepentant.

"God has performed a miracle for her, finally Irina is delivered from evil," AFP quoted the priest as saying.

"I don't understand why journalists are making such a fuss about this. Exorcism is a common practise in the heart of the Romanian Orthodox church and my methods are not at all unknown to other priests," Father Daniel added. LINK

Father Daniel doesn't understand the fuss over this?

Confinement. Torture. Murder.

No big deal for the likes of Father Daniel.

My advice to women with epilepsy, schizophrenia, psoriasis and/or planned pregnancies...

Stay as far away from the Romanian Orthodox Church as humanly possible!

Those Orthodox Fascist Fundies have big-assed wooden crosses, and they know how to use them!


Go forth and learn as much as you can about the Romanian Orthodox Church.

There might be one in your state, in your town, even in your neighborhood.

And watch out for the Father Daniels of this world.

I mean it, damn it!


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