Monday, August 15, 2005

How Low Can Will They Go?

And I'm not talking about Chubby Checker's limbo...

Consider this...

There is no doubt that the neo-conservative leadership is in crisis:

1. The war in Iraq is all but lost and falling into Iranian hands

2. The economy'’s housing bubble is ready to pop

3. Oil is at an all-time high, with winter approaching

4. A grand jury appears poised to zero in on the White House

5. The president's approval rating is at historic lows

6. The Downing Street memos, as well as myriad other sources of evidence are slowly revealing the awful truth behind the lies and high crimes of this administration

And while it appears that this administration is politically ill, we must all force ourselves to consider the possibility that another "catalyzing event"” might be just the medicine that the neo-conservative doctors are ordering up.

I'm not even talking about this kind of limbo...

I'm talking about BushCo's current need for an earthly, wag-the-dog, political limbo...

Where any present or future judgment is indefinitely suspended.

Apocalypse soon?

File this under:

I, for one, am prepared to eat my tinfoil Stetson if another 9/11-type "limbo" (even on a smaller scale) doesn't come to pass before we run those BushCo yahoos out of power.


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