Saturday, June 10, 2006

Vaginas Must Wear Dresses
At Douglas Byrd High School

Today's lesson: the law v an individual North Carolina public school's man-made Vagina Dress Code policy.

Have you ever noticed that public school administrators do whatever the hell they want to until a legal case is launched. Then, they back down and claim they had no idea that anyone really cared-- and that those opposing should've spoken up earlier.

Jeez, why don't they just admit that their policy is to break the law until someone makes them stop? I, for one, would have a lot more respect for them if they'd just be honest about their fascist fundie bigotry.

Bobbie Spanbauer was barred from participating in her PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL'S graduation ceremony Wednesday because she refused to wear a dress.

Title IX is still the law of the land... Or is it?:

Section 1681. Sex

(a) Prohibition against discrimination; exceptions. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance
Maybe the Vagina Dress Code policy is detailed in
Douglas Byrd High School's graduation requirements:

Graduation Requirements

A total of 28 Carnegie units are required for the graduating class of 2006. Of the 28 units, the following are required for graduation: English - 4 units; Mathematics - 3 units, including Algebra I, depending on course of study; Social Studies - 3 units (Political Economic and Legal Systems, US History, and a World Studies); Science - 3 units (Physical Science, Biology, and Earth & Environmental Science); Health - 1/2 unit; Physical Education - 1/2 unit; Electives - 14 units, this may include four units from a designated pathway if choosing the college tech prep course of study.

The North Carolina Competency Test program specifies; all students who receive a North North Carolina high school diploma must meet minimum standards in reading and mathematics. Students who meet course requirements for graduation but fail to meet the criteria for the Competency Test will only receive a certificate until criteria are met. Students are also required to master the N.C. Computer Skills Test before receiving a diploma.
Nope. Oh, wait! Maybe the Vagina Dress Code policy is included in the principal's message:

Douglas Byrd High School, named after F. D. Byrd late superintendent of Cumberland County Schools, is one of 13 high schools in the county. Byrd is centrally located in an established neighborhood near Cape Fear Valley Hospital. Our staff is culturally divers with a variety of experience to include young teachers and teachers with 30+ years in the classroom.

Byrd is the recipient of state and federal grants, which fund unique programs such as our Freshman Academy (using Talent Development High School Model from John Hopkins University), 21st Century After School Program, and our great Expectations Lab. Programs such as these help teachers build relationships with students through relevant and rigorous academic classes.

Our freshmen are nurtured with a double dose of math, social studies, and that are the foundations for success in the next grade. Freshmen are encouraged to select an academy for their sophomore year. Choices include the Finance Academy (specialized courses in finance, summer internships, & other enrichment activities), The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (Ford PAS), sponsored by the Ford Motor Company is a rigorous, application based program designed to introduce high school students to concepts and skills they will need to succeed in the world of work. Teacher Cadet Academy - prepares students for a career in education, JROTC - prepares students for a military career, Programming and Broadcasting classes along with Cultural Arts classes make up the Media/Technology/Communications Academy. Students thrive in the smaller learning communities within the large high school.

Douglas Byrd High School is an example of a comprehensive high school that is being reformed to meet the needs of all students and to offer special relationships to encourage students to remain in school. As a recipient of the Small Learning Communities grant, an additional counselor and a clerk for the freshman Academy were funded. The freshman Academy office has a separate phone number and the office is available for parents for meetings, conferences or just information.

Please visit our web site for more Douglas Byrd High School information. Douglas Byrd High School where the Eagles soar and learning is taken to new heights!

Jackie Warner, Principal

Douglas Byrd High School

910 483-3835

910 323-4127 (Fax)

Nope. Nothing about vaginas being required to wear dresses there, either.

Oh, here it is, couched like a bastard child, in the Senior News section:


Black or White Dress
(no longer than the Gown)
No Strapless Dresses
Hose that match skin tone
Black dress closed toe and heel shoes

Is it still 1970? That was the last year I remember being required to wear a damned dress to school.

Interesting, isn't it, that vaginas at Douglas Byrd HS have no such dress requirement during the rest of the school year? Graduating vaginas are allowed to wear shorts and pants every other day of the year, but they have to look like good little June Cleavers on graduation day?

Come on, DBHS admins! Let your law-breaking bigotry soar like your mascot! Either go all the way with your Vagina Dress Code policy, or enter the 21st century, damn it.

Douglas Byrd HS Administrators: This week's Backside of the Bell Curve winners!

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19--


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