Monday, October 29, 2007

Our New & Improved Clockwork Orange: "Amigo Shopping"

That's what teenage attackers call it when they (a) identify their lone targets as looking like "illegals" who won't call the police, (b) beat them severely for their pocket money, and (c) video tape the attacks for future entertainment and back slapping.

Robbers Stalk Hispanic Immigrants, Seeing Ideal Prey

By Ernesto LondoƱo and Theresa Vargas

By the time they set upon Victor Hernandez, knocking him to the pavement and kicking him furiously, the teenagers were deep into a weeks-long spree of robbing Hispanic immigrants.

They coined a term for the assaults, one that reflected the uniformity of the victims they selected: "amigo shopping." The teenagers recorded some of the attacks with a cellphone camera, saving one of the videos under the file name "amigo," a source familiar with the case said.

Victor Hernandez, 59, of Rockville was a robbery victim on Aug. 23. Hernandez, originally from Honduras, was robbed by a group of juveniles who targeted Latinos.

Hernandez, a dishwasher in Montgomery County, was an ideal target that August night in a type of robbery that law enforcement officials say has become alarmingly common in parts of the Washington region. Hispanic immigrants are being targeted, often in gratuitously violent attacks by non-Hispanics, because they are thought to carry cash rather than use banks and to be reluctant to report crimes to police, the officials said.

Gratuitously violent attacks by non-Hispanics... Alarmingly common... Reluctant to report crimes...

The attacks are occurring with such frequency that police in Prince William County have created a task force, and Montgomery police have assigned a specialized unit to tackle the problem. The crimes are having profound effects in the neighborhoods where they occur, causing some residents to alter their routines.

This is what happens when you pass those stupid "We Hate Brown People" laws: your kids think those brown people are fair game.

The saddest part...

Hernandez, 59, a legal immigrant from Honduras who works at two restaurants on Rockville Pike, was attacked within blocks of his home shortly after midnight Aug. 23. The teenagers approached and asked him for money. He said he had none and kept walking.

"They ganged up on me, throwing punches," he said in an interview.

Curled up on the ground, Hernandez was kicked repeatedly in the face and lost consciousness. The teenagers made off with about $160, but detectives recovered a prized possession, his work authorization document, which they delivered to him in his hospital room.


Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19--


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