Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Question: If Obama's Nomination Is "Mathematically Inevitable," Why Not Seat MI & FL Delegates Now?

Short answer: because Obama's nomination is not "mathematically inevitable."

For your reading pleasure, take a look at the text of the Four State Pledge Letter (signed by Clinton, Obama, and Edwards on Sept. 1, 2007):

Four State Pledge Letter 2008
Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina
August 31, 2007

WHEREAS, Over a year ago, the Democratic National Committee established a 2008 nominating calendar;

WHEREAS, this calendar honors the racial, ethnic, economic and geographic diversity of our party and our country;

WHEREAS, the DNC also honored the traditional role of retail politics early in the nominating process, to insure that money alone will not determine our presidential nominee;

WHEREAS, it is the desire of Presidential campaigns, the DNC, the states and the American people to bring finality, predictability and common sense to the nominating calendar.

THEREFORE, I _______________, Democratic Candidate for President, pledge I shall not campaign or participate in any state which schedules a presidential election primary or caucus before Feb. 5, 2008, except for the states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina, as “campaigning” is defined by rules and regulations of the DNC.

Nowhere will you find the words "delegates will not be seated" or "votes will not be counted."

In Michigan, Clinton, Gravel, and Dodd chose to keep their names on the ballot.

Obama and Biden chose to remove their names from the Michigan ballot.

In Florida, Obama's name was on the ballot and his national TV ads ran in the state prior to the election... which he, um, lost.

Here's the Obama's "uncommitted MI votes will be counted" money quote (from John Conyers' radio ad):

MALE: Well, these folks can help us. Excuse me, Congressman Conyers and Councilwoman Conyers, we need your help.

FEMALE: How can we vote for Obama on Tuesday?

REP. CONYERS: You can't. You cannot even write in Obama's name. If you do, your vote will not count because Obama's campaign chose not to place his name on the Michigan ballot so as not to violate national Democratic Party rules. But you can vote "uncommitted."

COUNCILWOMAN CONYERS: If at least 15 percent of the people vote "uncommitted," the state Democratic Party must send that percentage of delegates to the national convention uncommitted.

REP. CONYERS: My wife and I are voting "uncommitted." We will work with the Democratic Party to make sure that uncommitted delegates go to that convention truly uncommitted so that Obama can compete for their vote.


Obama gambled and lost in Michigan.

Obama skirted the party rules through "national ad runs" in Florida (even though Clinton and Edwards managed to freeze their FL ads), and he, um, lost again.

But now he wants both states to pay for do-over caucuses, which would disinfranchise millions of voters?

Aw, come on.

And he seems fine with that whole "MI and FL must be punished" deal.

Hm. Who decided to punish MI and FL?

The "DNC." Funny, no one seems willing to take credit for this mess. Nowhere are their any names of those mysterious DNCers published ... that I can find.

And who's in charge of the DNC?

Howard Dean.

Yeah, that guy whose disgruntled supporters (Deaniacs) are now supporting Obama (Obamabots).

Definitely something for superdelegates to chew on before drinking the Kool-Aid.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19-- and and


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