Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Go Muzzle Yourself,
Bob Dole!

Bob Dole, failed 1996 presidential candidate, Viagra-popping, and Britney-lusting sell out, just told the world (MSNBC, 12:50 p.m.) that "there isn't a big enough muzzle out there for Teresa Heinz Kerry."

No matter the issue, it always boils down to female domination:

John Kerry is being portrayed by Republican Flying Monkeys as "too French," which is code for "too effeminate."

The Arabs in Palestinia* have vowed to drive the Jews (the last thriving matrilineal society) into the sea. Every other significant matrilineal society has already vanished from the face of the earth.

The Pope just reissued a warning to every woman to know and respect her subordinate place in the world.

Those ridiculous Promise Keepers rule their wives and children with a kinder, gentler iron fist.

Bob Dole just reignited the smoldering embers of the American male/female war.

Bob Dole just called out the wrong woman.

This woman, Bob, has more money than the god of Abraham and the power to inspire millions of American woman to stand up to the likes of you.

Run for cover, Bob Dole. Your 15 minutes are about to be up.

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*Palestinia- the name the Romans gave to Judea upon the expulsion of the Jews (70 CE);originally, the Romans asked whom the Jews feared the most, and called the land Phillistia (after the Phillistines); later, the name was bastardized through dialectic variation into Palestinia. The first known usage of the word Palestinian was in 1964. By the way, Palestinians speak Arabic. Palestine is not (and never has been) an Arabic word.


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