Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Having A
Claude Rains Moment,
Are We?

I'm sure you're SHOCKED.

Because I certainly am SHOCKED.

SHOCKED I tell you!

No one ever expects a Claude Rains Moment!

He ain't a COMMANDER.
He's my BROTHER.
Key Evidence Cast in Doubt on a Claim of Terrorism

Published: August 18, 2004

Prosecutors said they were given information from the Defense Department that a notebook with Mr. Aref's name and address had been found in what they said was a terrorist training camp in the western Iraqi desert near the Syrian border. They also said that a word in the notebook, written in Arabic, had referred to Mr. Aref as "commander."
As it turns out, the word is Kurdish, albeit written using the Arabic alphabet, and the translation may be incorrect. "Commander" could be translated as "brother," according to federal prosecutors.


Terence L. Kindlon, Mr. Aref's lawyer, said the mistake was emblematic of what he called deeper problems with the government's case.

"It looks to me to be a two-bit frame-up," Mr. Kindlon said. "In 30 years of practicing law, I have come to expect high standards from government prosecutors. This thing is just shabby. I suspect that there is something political driving this." LINK



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