Thursday, August 19, 2004

What's Wrong With This Headline?

Four Be Honored for Desegregation Efforts

Thu Aug 19,12:02 AM ET

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Four South Carolinians who challenged the state's segregated school system will receive Congress' highest honor for civilians next month, lawmakers said Wednesday.

The Congressional Gold Medal will be posthumously awarded to the Rev. Joseph A. DeLaine, Harry and Eliza Briggs and Levi Pearson on Sept. 8 during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol rotunda.

The lawsuit that DeLaine helped file, Briggs vs. Elliot, became one of five leading cases rolled into the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education case. LINK
What is wrong with the editors who approved this headline?

Four To Be Honored... Four Will Be Honored... Four Honored...

But Four Be Honored and Desegregation in the same headline?

No one could have possibly composed a more insulting attention grabber!

Everyday people have always clipped, copied, and cherished newspaper articles of personal importance. Not this one...

In 2004 CE, the fact that this headline escaped scrutiny boggles the mind!


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