Friday, January 28, 2005

This Week's
Of The
Bell Curve


Because Someone Has To Say it...

Mr. & Mrs. Cable News Watcher
And Family

Four Bush Administration Paid Journalists/Pundits have been exposed so far...

Armstrong Williams

Maggie Gallagher

Michael McManus
Jeff Gannon

Where's the outrage, Mr. & Mrs. Cable News Watcher?

Taxpayers (That's you!) are funding BushCo's Personal Propaganda Machine.


You're about to pay more for inferior health care plans, in order to keep corporate profits at an all-time high.

The promised increase in Pell Grants will be much smaller than you planned for.

Real Estate interest rates are rising, which means that that balloon mortgage you got 'cause George W. wants you to join the Ownership Club might've been a mistake.

A big one.


Foreclosures are also at an all-time high.

After School programs have been slashed, which will lead to more kids in trouble.

Just what we need.

But Mr. & Mrs. Cable News Watcher are Oh, So Pleased that so many wonderful pundits want to preserve hetero marriage, even though Mr. & Mrs. CNW have three marriages between them, and this one might not last.

They're also pleased that Nickelby (NCLB) will guarantee their children top honors in a charter school of their choice (or personal design), funded by sucking the life out of the local public school system.

Never mind that the public school kid at the check out counter can't make change and has to ask for the manager's help, which wastes your time on a daily basis and will cause your blood pressure to climb (see health care costs above).

And when YOUR children flunk out of college, remember to blame those liberal professors!

And isn't it wonderful that George W. wants his administration to stop paying journalists to promote his agenda because he's Oh, So Honest?

Help me, Rhonda!

Stupid is as stupid does, folks!

Believing George W. because his paid journalists/pundits tell you too is just plain pig ignorant.

Turn off the Cable News!

Brush up on Plato and Critical Thinking!

Social Intelligence is much more important in life than answering trivia questions on an IQ test!

A wise prophet once said (to paraphrase): What shall it benefit a man if he gains all the wealth in the world and lose his soul as it becomes a hell-hole of money-obsession, banality, and ignorance? In other words, you can be ludicrously wealthy and still be stupid enough to destroy yourself. And in including social responsibility in our definition of social intelligence we can update that same sentiment: What shall it benefit late twentieth century American people if they gain all the money in the world and lose their country as it becomes a hell-hole of obscene wealth for the upper class, wage slavery for the middle class, homelessness and grinding poverty for the lower class, and banality and ignorance for everyone? LINK

Ponderously heavy sigh.


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