Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Recipe For Disaster:
Rice Dish Missing
Key Ingredient

Back in the day, my mother would complain bitterly (in private) about obvious missing ingredients in the recipes shared by the Good Christian Women in her women's club.

Leaving out a key ingredient almost always guaranteed the Keeper Of The Original Recipe's stellar culinary reputation.


I have vivid memories of those women's club luncheons...

Especially the times my mother apologized matter-of-factly for her inferior rendition of Mrs. Good Christian Woman's recipe by wondering aloud if she, herself, had accidentally left out a key ingredient.

Each time this happened, every Maybelline/Mary Kaye eye would, of course, turn to the Keeper Of The Original Recipe, and everyone in attendance would compare their own recipe rendition experiences, knowing all the while that something had been omitted intentionally.

9 times out of 10, when put on the spot, the KOTOR (Keeper Of The Original Recipe) would suddenly realize that she had accidentally omitted a key ingredient and apologize profusely.

Then everyone would enjoy lime sherbet and cake served on glass dessert dishes.

Which brings us to Secretary Of State candidate Condoleezza Rice's US Senate confirmation hearings...

Look closely. Something's missing.

Still trying to figure out the missing ingredient?
Keep looking.

Still not sure what's missing?
The Dem Senate Seven showed you this week.

7 Senate Democrats took a stand for all Americans this week by exposing the missing key ingredient necessary for every successful US Secretary Of State...

The Rice Dish's Missing Key Ingredient

Senate Republicans and Dem ostriches (Lieberman et al) know what's missing from Condoleezza Rice's character recipe.

They just hope that you haven't noticed.

And they hope that, even if you've noticed the missing ingredient, you're too timid to address the matter in public.

That's how they cook.

And that's a recipe for disaster.

Heavy sigh.


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