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God's Fertility Accountant
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Del. John A. Cosgrove
(R-Chesapeake, VA)

Del. Cosgrove pulls bill after Internet fuels fiery protest

By CHRISTINA NUCKOLS, The Virginian-Pilot
© January 11, 2005

RICHMOND — A Chesapeake lawmaker withdrew a bill on Monday that would have required women to report fetal deaths, after he received more than 500 e-mails from people concerned that the measure would punish women who have miscarriages.

Opposition to the bill, HB1677, was generated by “blogs,” personal Web sites set up by individuals who post information and encourage discussion about topics of interest to them.

Del. John A. Cosgrove, R-Chesapeake, was shaken by the speed and volume of the response as word of his bill traveled across the country via the Internet.

“I’ve never been blogged before,” he said. “The tone of the e-mails has been disgusting. It’s, 'You’re a horrible person. You ought to be crucified.’ And those were the nice ones.”

Cosgrove said his bill was intended to add more teeth to laws penalizing women who abandon full-term infants after birth.

It reads: “When a fetal death occurs without medical attendance, it shall be the woman’s responsibility to report the death to the law-enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of which the delivery occurs within 12 hours after the delivery.” Women who failed to report the death could have been convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.


Cosgrove said he spent the weekend responding to all 500-plus e-mails he received from people as far away as California and Texas. The original Web site that raised the alarm also posted his response to criticisms.

“They’ve been fairly responsive, but they never talked to me prior to going on the Web,” he said. “I was absolutely mistreated on this.” LINK



The Big Bad Bloggers are after poor Cos!

You should read the demon's resume of "crimes and punishments" Poor Ol' Cos would've heaped upon women who suffer miscarriages (or legal abortion, which as we all know is why Cos introduced this POS bill in the first place).

What’s in the Commonwealth of Virginia Report of Fetal Death?

Virginia Board of Health regulations specify the required information on the Commonwealth of Virginia Report of Fetal Death. Delegate Cosgrove's bill provides for no modification of this form when women report fetal deaths themselves.

The report requires the following items for spontaneous fetal deaths:

* place of occurrence
* usual residence of patient (mother)
* full maiden name of patient
* medical record number and social security number of patient
* Hispanic origin, if any, and race of patient
* age of patient
* education of patient
* sex of fetus
* patient married to father
* previous deliveries to patient
* single or plural delivery and order of plural delivery
* date of delivery
* date of last normal menses and physician's estimate of gestation
* weight of fetus in grams
* month of pregnancy care began (sic)
* number of prenatal visits
* when fetus died
* congenital malformations, if any
* events of labor and delivery
* medical history for this pregnancy
* other history for this pregnancy
* obstetric procedures and method of delivery
* autopsy
* medical certification of cause of spontaneous fetal death
* signature of attending physician or medical examiner including title, address and date signed
method of disposal of fetus
* signature and address of funeral director or hospital representative
* date received by registrar
* registrar's signature
* registration area and report numbers.

Remember, Virginia defines "fetal death" regardless of gestational age, and requires reporting of deaths of all "products of conception." At early gestational age of pregnancy, how are you supposed to get some of this information? Are you supposed to find a kitchen scale and weigh the “products of conception” so you can get a report in grams?

If you don't, its a class one misdemeanor, similar to underage sex between minors, stalking, threatening.

So, Delegate Cosgrove is attempting to pass legislation which states that failing to violate your own privacy within 12 hours of a miscarriage is the criminal equivalent of statutory rape, arson, stalking, and other serious crimes.

The authorized punishments for convictions for a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia are “confinement in jail for not more than 12 months and a fine of not more than $2500, either or both.”

Ya know what's really sad?

On John Cosgrove's home planet, OH! RIGHT! SURE!, his sperm is sacred, and every female wants to have his babies.

Dream on, Cos!


I just found the first home movie footage of John Cosgrove!

What a guy!


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