Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Talon (cough) News May Run,
But They Can Not Hide!

How stupid do you have to be to think that all will be well if you just delete everything written by your Ace Gay Porn Hooker White House Press Corps "Reporter" Jim Guckert Jeff Gannon?

How stupid do you have to be NOT TO KNOW that Screen Capture and Memory Cache are frequently used to prevent stories and pictures from disappearing down the memory hole?

How stupid do you have to be to think that you can simply break the Biography Links on your GOPUSA (cough) News Service's About Us page, and pesky bloggers won't wonder what you're trying to hide?

How stupid do you have to be to think that no one would ever notice that BushCo's White House Personnel Director (31 year-old Dina Powell) and GOPUSA/Talon News Board Member, Richard Powell, might be related?

How stupid do you have to be to think that no one would ever suspect that GOPUSA/Talon (cough) News' Ace Gay Porn Hooker White House Press Corps "Reporter," Jim Guckert Jeff Gannon, was surely given a copy of (or at least informed about) the secret memo outing CIA WMD Agent Valerie Plame in an attempt to smear Ambassador Joseph Wilson?


Dina Powell, the West Wing's Hire Power

By Ann Gerhart
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 11, 2005; Page C01


Powell is the president's headhunter, charged with filling hundreds of jobs in the next several weeks -- ambassadors, Cabinet heads, undersecretaries, commissioners. She is the soul of discretion. What's in the safe? Forget it.

Those new people tramping the corridors of federal power will have left some part of themselves with Powell, who at 31 is the youngest person ever to direct the presidential personnel office and its roughly 35 employees.


Asked if Powell simply prepares the paperwork or actually makes recommendations on hiring, Office of Management and Budget director Josh Bolten says, "Both."

"It's not at all a case that she collects a few things," says Bolten. "She is the quarterback of the whole process." Margaret Spellings, the domestic policy adviser tapped to become education secretary, who sits beside Powell every morning at the senior staff meeting, dismisses any suggestion that all appointments are masterminded by Rove.


On this subject, Powell smiles and says: "We're not short on recommendations."

The process of identifying, then hiring, presidential talent requires "all kinds of research and a lot of discipline," says Clay Johnson, the president's old friend from Midland, Tex., who first handled personnel during the truncated transition in 2000 and then was Powell's boss until January 2003, when she succeeded him. "You cannot lapse into 'Do I like this person?' It's about the job specifications. Everything you do must be first class, showing tremendous respect. But you must tell them, 'You won't get as much credit. You won't get as much money. You must be comfortable with being told no a lot. You aren't going to be able to have your own way.' " That is a difficult transition for many corporate executives to make.

Powell, says Johnson, understands all of this. "She has really good radar," he says.

She [Powell] insists that an hour-long interview be on background, with quotes needing to be approved prior to publication. Even in this format, she reveals not a single confidence or telling detail of the way she works. WaPo LINK

And then there's this...

Be sure to click on Richard Powell's name and see what GOPUSA/Talon (cough) News has done!

What is Talon News, and why does it have press credentials?

Talon News apparently consists of little more than Eberle, Gannon, and a few volunteers, and is virtually indistinguishable from GOPUSA.com.


Eberle and Gannon both post on the right-wing online forum Free Republic, and Gannon has also hosted a radio show on Radio Free Republic.


GOPUSA's officers and directors show a similar lack of journalism experience, but plenty of experience working for Republican causes:

# Board member Richard Powell "brings a wealth of political and business experience to GOPUSA.com. ... Richard also consults privately for political candidates and policymakers, helping them develop their education message and K-16 education reform policy initiatives. He is a former policy advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry, and is active in national, state and local political and civic causes." Media Matters LINK

Next question...

How stupid do you have to be NOT TO BE AWARE OF the power of GOOGLE?

I googled "Dina Powell" and biography...

Dina Powell

Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel

Most recently, Dina Powell was Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel. From 1999 to 2001, she was Director of Congressional Affairs, Senior Advisor to the Chairman at the Republican National Committee. Previously, Dina was the Member Relations Coordinator for U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Powell graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Allamericanpatriots LINK

Then I googled "Dina Powell" and husband...

Egyptian immigrant finds hire calling in U.S.

Bush aide keeps White House staffed with true believers

Johanna Neuman, Los Angeles Times

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Married to a senior public-affairs executive, Powell now has her own daughter, a 3-year-old she describes as a "peanut." Acknowledging the difficulties of being a working mother, she praises both her husband, "an unbelievably supportive partner," and the president, whom she described as running "a family-friendly White House."

She admits that the hours are long and that she sometimes rushes home to have dinner with her family before returning to the White House to finish the day's work. Few of the 4,000 presidential appointees left the administration during Bush's first term, but some are leaving now, requiring successors. Even as the vacancies are filled, she is aware that more will soon be leaving, a never-ending conveyor belt of personnel changes. SFGate LINK

Even the scrubbed bio at GOPUSA/Talon (cough) News omitted this little factoid:

Richard Powell -- Founder and president of JPX Interactive Technologies, Inc., a comprehensive technology integration firm offering consulting, deployment and integration services in the business, government and education market segments; Former policy advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry LINK to Kos

So I googled "Richard Powell" and JPX Interactive Technologies...


(Technology Immersion Pilot (TIP) Project
Pioneering 21st Century Schools Today)


July 27-28, 2004

Austin Airport Hilton

Opening Session - Overview and Purpose of TIP

Anita Givens, Director of Educational Technology

Richard Powell, JPX Interactive

This session will provide an overview of the Technology Immersion Pilot and set the stage for this two-day conference by providing the framework for exploring the challenges and opportunities of this exciting pilot project. LINK

So let's recap...

Jim Guckert is a gay porn hooker who calls himself Jeff Gannon.

Guckert pays $50 to attend a 2-day "Journalism" seminar hosted by GOP operatives and proceeds to claim he's a graduate of this "journalism school."

(Don't forget that BushCo has been hiring actors to play reporters on TV and paying journalists big bucks to promote BushCo social policy!)

Guckert gets a gig with a GOPUSA Fake News Service called Talon (cough) News (either as a result of that 2-day seminar or some darker, kinkier sex connection to GOP operatives), and he's paid a stipend (not a salary) to write Pro-BushCo crap on said website.

(Don't forget that Guckert was denied Congressional press corps credentials because his News (cough) service didn't meet government standards, namely deriving its primary revenue from subscribers and/or advertising and proving that its reporters' pay constituted the primary portion of their salaries!)

Dina Powell, whose work for Texas Republicans and an Egyptian maiden name lead her to become White House Personnel Director, vets everyone who works in the White House Press and Communications offices.

Dina Powell appears to be married to Richard Powell, GOPUSA Board Member/ Political Candidate Educational Consultant and Friend of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Richard Powell is on the Board Of Directors at GOPUSA/Talon (cough) News, but his (and everyone else's) biography has been scrubbed from the website.

Jim Guckert Jeff Gannon had to have been designated as a GOP-friendly White House News Correspondent "must hire," which means that no questions were asked concerning his background because SOMEONE IMPORTANT VOUCHED FOR HIM.

That's how it works in politics, folks.

There's one standard for random people who apply for White House appointments and jobs, and there's a subrosa standard for "must hires."

The White House approved Jim Guckert.

Jim Guckert is a gay porn hooker, who gets called on frequently during press conferences by Scott McClellan and George W.

Read Guckert's
White House
Questions and Answers.

GOPUSA/Talon (cough) News is a Fake news organization.

Talon (cough) News has deleted everything Guckert ever wrote for them.

GOPUSA/Talon News has deleted the links to its Board Of Directors' biographies.

Guckert has now told two different versions to two different journalists of his involvement in the White House's Let's Expose Valerie Plame's CIA Cover & Smear Her Husband mess.


And the MSM (MainStream Media) continues to ignore this story...

Last question...

What did George W. know, and when did he know it?


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