Thursday, February 10, 2005

This Week's
Of The
Bell Curve


Ace White House Press Corps Reporter,
Frequent BushCo
Propaganda Poster,

and now (*Ahem*)
Infamous Military De-Briefer

Jeff Gannon

Jim Guckert

Grab your umbrellas, Boys!
It's raining men4men (dot com, that is)!

That's right, Folks!

The man in that photo not only has coveted White House press credentials (after paying $50 and completing a 2 day rightwing journalism seminar), he managed until yesterday (when he resigned) to get White House clearance based on a FAKE name, representing the FAKE GOP USA/Talon Propaganda/ News website, and despite owning and operating the following Chock-Full-O-Family-Values websites:

Note: There was also an anti-Jessie Jackson website, but I've lost the website link!

"Jeff" also managed to get called on by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and pResident George W. TossMeASoftBallMyManDateStud.

Move over, Watergate Burglars/ Nixonian Dirty Tricksters/ Nixon and GHW Bush Money Laundering & Gun Running Scapegoats!

Don Segretti & Ollie North ain't got nothing compared to "Jeff Gannon"...

Oh, but...

Poor Jeff Gannon Jim Guckert (No wonder he changed his name)!

Boo EFFing Hoo!

A B.S. in Education (academic code for Phys. Ed degree, folks!) from a lesser satellite school in the Pennsylvania State Higher Education System (West Chester College, I've learned-- Why is Jeff embarrassed to admit this?) and a $50 "journalism" certificate gave him access to the most powerful man on the planet.


Which begs the questions...

How did Jeff get White House press credentials?

Eberle, thy name is GOP Dirty Tricks Guru!

Talon News appears to be a "news agency" in name only, consisting of Editor-in-Chief Bobby Eberle, Gannon and "volunteer reporters," all based on a web site with no true physical news room or work site. Much of its "news" is distributed through an organization called GOPUSA, of which Eberle is CEO and president. His wife, Kathleen, is treasurer. Both Eberles live in Texas and have been deeply involved in Texas politics - and now national politics - for years.

How and Why did "Jeff" get White House press credentials, and why have McClellan and George W. called on him?

Note: I can't even get through the door of the White House without a valid driver's license and a valid US Passport, which bear my legal birth certificate's name!

So much for Homeland Security.

From mediamatters:

In reviewing White House press conferences from the past year, Media Matters for America has noted numerous instances in which Gannon's lobs -- leading questions that often include false assumptions favorable to the Bush administration -- have allowed McClellan to move to friendlier turf, away from having to answer questions on such issues as the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment; [...]

In May of 2004, Bruce Eberle, Bobby's brother, folded his conservative web site into GOPUSA. Bruce is CEO of Virginia-based Eberle Communications, a vast fundraising/direct mail/PR powerhouse that boasts such clients as Ronald Reagan (well, when he was alive, I assume ... although his death was actually great PR too), Operation Rescue, Ollie North and Paula Jones, and which illegally sold fund-raising lists to Ashcroft during his Missouri Senate run. Despite Bobby Eberle's denials to Media Matters, Talon News and GOPUSA are clearly one practical entity; his GOPUSA email address is listed as the administrative contact for Talon, and the two groups share a server and listserve. So here we have a conjunction of fundraising, direct mail, a public relations firm, and an official news agency with a reporter in the White House... (Source:

More questions than answers...

So why did "Jeff" suddenly resign from Talon and shut down

Why have Talon and GOP USA DELETED everything "Jeff" ever wrote for them from their websites?

Not because of us mean leftwing bloggers threatening "Jeff's" family, as rightwing shills have claimed.

Note: I listed "Jeff Gannon" along with Williams, McManus, and Gallagher
on Jan. 28th.

Here's the deal from
Kos. went live online on July 24, 2004, just 2 WEEKS AFTER BOB NOVAK OUTED VALERIE PLAME'S SECRET CIA IDENTITY in his column on July 14, 2004.

White House-credentialed fake news reporter "Jeff Gannon" from fake news agency "Talon News" was cited by the Washington Post as having the only access to an internal CIA memo that named Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a covert CIA agent. Gannon, in a question posed to Wilson in an October 2003 interview, referred to the memo (to which no other news outlet had access, according to the Post). Gannon subsequently has been subpoenaed by the federal grand jury looking into the Plame outing.

I have no doubt that "Jeff Gannon" will end up as the GOP Scapegoat in the Valerie Plame Affair.

So why have I chosen "Jeff Gannon" as This Week's Backside Of The Bell Curve Winner?


"Jeff" signed on with BushCo as a willing ratcatcher extraordinaire.

In exchange, he got to pretend he was important for a little while, oblivious to the fact that he was just another "tool" (in more ways than one, it would seem) in the BushCo toolbox.

"Jeff" The Ratcatcher has now been completely deleted (but not from the cache, thank goodness).

Poor "Jeff" never learned...

As we all know, the king BushCo doesn't invite the ratcatcher to dinner.


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