Monday, February 07, 2005

Sunday Sermon Hangover:
Alas, Camelot!

Today's report from the UK Guardian suggests that the seven deadly sins are "out of date."

Ya think?

After last year's Superbowl Boob Job inspired our MSM (MainStream Media) to laud Paul McCartney (ex longhaired hippie freak, out to corrupt your daughters, "We're more popular that Jesus," busted for drugs, backbeat you can hear it "jungle music" Ravi Shankhar lover) as Mr. American Values, suitable for half-time status, I simply had to watch a few minutes of Paul at the piano.

Frankly, I had thought (after Janet's Boob Shenanigans)that we'd see a lineup of Tony Orlando and Dawn, The Captain & Tenille, and up The With People ...

But Nooooooo...

We got ourselves a Beatle (Who, by the way, won't be able to croon When I'm 64 very much longer)!

Remember that The Beatles' harshest critics labeled long hair, Rock & Roll, electric guitars, mini skirts, incense, and the popular peace and ankh symbols as Commie Pinko Satanic One-Way Tickets To Hell.

What's sad is that uptight Montovani Loving, Country Western Twanging Bigots didn't defeat those Tickets To Hell.

They grew their hair, bought Electric Twang on vinyl, 8 Track, cassette tape, and CD; and they proceeded to raise a slew of vacuous bubblegum popping Britney Spears Mini Skirts and their Urban Cowboy Hound Dog brothers.

Yesterday, "The Cute Beatle" sang of the virtues of killing (Live and Let Die) and fornication/conception out of wedlock (Hey, Jude) to adoring pseudo-Christian, flag waving fans.

Yep. I'd say that the UK Guardian might be onto something.

Never mind sloth, lust and gluttony - but look out if you're a cruel, bigoted adulterer

Richard Jinman
Monday February 7, 2005
The Guardian

Stay in bed all day, gorge yourself on chocolate and lust as much as you want - it's not going to land you in hell.

Most people believe the seven deadly sins are out of date, and that traditional transgressions such as sloth, gluttony and lust should not stop you passing through the pearly gates.

Cruelty is considered the worst sin anyone can commit nowadays, followed by adultery, bigotry, dishonesty, hypocrisy and selfishness. Of the seven deadly sins enumerated in their present form by Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century, only greed is still viewed as a reliable passport to eternal damnation. Much more...


Reminds me of Mordred's Camelot show stopper...

The seven deadly virtues
Those nasty little traps
Oh, no, my liege,
They were not meant for me

The seven deadly virtues
Were made for other chaps
Who love a life of failure and ennui

Take courage
Now there's a sport
An invitation to the state of rigor mort

And purity, a noble yen
And very restful every now and then

I find humility means to be hurt
It's not the earth the meek inherit,
It's the dirt

Honestly is fatal, it should be taboo
Diligence a fate I should hate
If charity means giving, I give it to you
And fidelity is only for your mate

No, you'll never find a virtue
When statusing my quo
Or making my beelzebubble burst

Let others take the high road
I will take the low
I cannot wait to rush in
Where angels fear to go

With all those seven deadly virtues
Free and happy little me has not..been...cursed! LINK

As for those Seven Deadly Sins...

Most people can't even list them.


Seven deadly sins

1 Pride

2 Envy

3 Anger

4 Sloth

5 Greed

6 Gluttony

7 lust

What's next in this topsy-turvy world?

Will the church bring back the sale of indulgences for the New & Improved sin list?

Remains to be seen.


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