Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Adventures In Drudging

Here's how Matt Drudge (The Sludge) faked the Clinton pic...

Here's how I did it:

Open the photo file in Photoshop.
Use the LASSO tool to cut out the pieces parts of images.
Use the ROTATE tool to adjust the pieces parts.
GROUP the pieces parts together.
ADJUST the color to GRAYSCALE.
Add matching FILL COLOR to the background.
Save the new image as a JPEG image & upload
to your website.

Even if the Drudged image looks plausible at first glance, look closer.

Look at the woman's right shoulder.

She'd have to be a contortion queen (or Linda Blair) to suck face at that angle.

Speaking of sucking...

Matt Drudge Sucks!

By the way, I created the Bolton Temp Job graphic (in the post below) in Photoshop.


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