Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pistol Packin' Great-Granny

Jeezus Gawd Almighty!

4 shots to the head at close range because he broke up with her.

And she's out on bond?

Great-grandmother accused in shooting death granted bond

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 06/24/05

Great-grandmother Lena Driskell is charged with firing four shots into her boyfriend's head after he broke up with her, but a judge allowed her to walk out of jail after a hearing Friday.

Fulton prosecutor Jack Barrs had urged the judge to keep the 78-year-old woman behind bars because he fears she could still pose a threat. Police believe Driskell decided to kill Herman Winslow, 85, after he halted their yearlong romance and began dating someone else at their Atlanta retirement home.

Here's the really scary part...

Driskell kept her hand behind her back, concealing the gun, while the unarmed guard tried to get her to accept the breakup, the detective testified.

But Driskell walked over to the victim and fired as the horrified guard ran for cover and called 911.

The judge asked Driskell's attorney: "What's she doing with a gun in an old folks home?" LINK

Neil Sedaka was right!

Breaking up IS hard to do...

Random Grannies With Guns
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Especially if your current retirement home babe is packin' heat!


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