Thursday, June 09, 2005

When Laura was in Egypt's Land...

Let my people go
oppressed so hard they could not stand,
Let my people go...
And replace them with new people,
who are clean and smiling
and will look good in photos.

Isn't that how the song goes?

Could've fooled me.

Laura Bush attends fake school?

"Upon Laura Bush’s recent trip to Egypt, it was planned that she, along with her host Mrs. Mubarak, would visit a USAID funded school in Alexandria. One week before the scheduled visit, the tattered school was painted anew, tidied up, and the sewage system was fixed. The dirty roads around the school were cleaned up and trees were miraculously planted all around the area. A sign in English was written to welcome the 2 first ladies," writes Egyptian blogger The Big Pharaoh.

"The girls were poor and wore dirty school uniforms. Instead of cleaning them out and distributing clean clothes that would have definitely drew a huge smile on their faces, the officials decided to replaced the kids with new kids brought from a language school!...I just don’t understand how a school that is funded by USAID can be so tattered and in such a bad shape. Does it really receive the funds or do they go into some pockets? And how come the US embassy here doesn’t check upon how Americans’ tax money is being spent? I have no clue!" LINK

Don't worry, Laura!

Be happy!

Your foes (and dirty children) shall not before you stand,
Let my people go (and just get new people for the photo ops!)
And you'll possess fair Canaan's land,
Let my people go.

Heavy sigh.


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