Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bait & Switch

All day yesterday, your pResident and his flying monkeys fed the national media a bunch of bologna, which they passed on to you via the airwaves and future fish wrap.

"It's an Edith!" they proclaimed, still believing that their White House sources don't lie to them.

The two Ediths, however, found out by lunchtime that they were being served to you as portions of red herring.

John Roberts, corporate attorney, has 20 whole months of bench experience; however, his Republican party resume reads like a demon's list...

Roberts clerked for Rehnquist.

Roberts was Kenneth Starr's deputy.

Roberts was a major player in the 2000 Florida fiasco.

Roberts is a Federalist Society member.

Roberts argued against Gulf War I veterans sticking it to Saddam.

Roberts was one of Reagan's lawyers.

Roberts believes that Roe v Wade was the wrong decision.

Roberts is the wrong white, Catholic man for today's Supreme Court.


And your pResident knows that.

If you were paying attention yesterday, you noticed that George W. honestly had no idea before noon who the nominee would be. You could see it on his face. The ultimate decision was obviously made for him by the folks whose bank accounts are more important than you are.

If Dems are smart, they'll quietly state that corporate attorney John Roberts is an unacceptable nominee to represent American citizens today, vow to fight his confirmation, and get back to the serious business of treason in the White House, health care for all, an illegal war and its torture policy, and a host of other despicable deeds currently concerning the welfare of our nation.

Come on, Senate Dems! Speak with one voice for a change, and stop taking the friggin' bait.

BushCo's skewed poll numbers are in the basement. Don't waste your time merely lamenting the choice of this nominee. Filibuster him. Vote against him.

But get organized and stay organized, damn it. Histrionics will just make you look as weak as, well, the Repukes defending Karl Rove .

The people don't want this guy.

He's just another red herring, too...

And he knows it. he's not stupid.

When asked to justify your stance, all you have to say is, "Rehnquist-trained, Reagan's Iran-Contra Scandal defending, Starr struck party hack. That's not spin. That's fact."

George W. would never have nominated this particular white guy at this particular time (so far ahead of the first Monday in October) unless he wanted to divert attention from his best buddy, Karl Rove.

And that's the saddest part of this whole deal.

Saving Karl Fucking Rove's ass is more important than the nation.

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