Thursday, July 14, 2005

Karl Rove Political Death Watch

A Game for the Whole Family

Can you guess the exact moment of Karl Rove's political demise?

We all know it is going to happen. We do not know when. Many think the time is short. Political pundits are giving their predictions. What about you? Can you predict the date and time the inevitable takes place?

Amaze your friends with your powers to tell the future!

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Your scrivener predicts...

If indictments are still pending the week before Labor Day, George W. will 86 accept Rove's resignation, issue the press release during the Friday news dump before Labor Day, and dedicate his sorry-assed Labor Day speech to bringing honorness and dignitudity back to the White House. If Fitzgerald sidesteps his Thomas Becket moment (or frog marches KKKarl next week), this prediction is null and void.

Now, pardon me while I vomit.

Oh, yeah. Your scrivener also predicts that these news stories about George W. appointing a non-judge to the Supreme Court are preparation for that vile snake, Ted Olson, to plop his PNAC ass down on the bench.

Mark my words.

I was right about the new pope.

I hated being right about that, by the way.

I sure hope I'm wrong about Olson.


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