Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rove Is The Smoking Gun

Margaret Carlson knows a lot about media whoredom. Remember when She and Tucker Carlson were paired in CNN's left/right, He said/She said crapfest segments?

Well, today Margaret has written the best Op Ed column (in my opinion) on the George W./Karl Rove scandal. The best snips...

At least six reporters were leaked information suggesting that Wilson was a girlie man who needed his wife to get him a job.

Rove is the guy Bush relies on to deep-six the smoking gun. What will he do now that Rove is the smoking gun?

Without Rove to construct them, Republicans' talking points are atrocious. They cling to the fact that Rove didn't reveal the name of that woman, Valerie Plame. Sound familiar? All day the last two days, that's what they said.

Rove may end up leaving the White House, but he'll do the same things, only in a different location for a lot more money. The Times may cleanse itself of its WMD reporting with the sacrifice of its reporter going to jail.

Surely, journalists have been reminded they should say no to those cowards trying to get revenge, dish dirt, and score points without putting their name on it.

Hey, Margaret!

Don't fly in any small planes, OK?

I mean it.


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