Wednesday, July 06, 2005

George W. Blows


I mean it.

It's his birthday.

The Queen of Denmark lost the coin toss and had to cough up a cake...

So, what do you give the man who acts like this?

As protocol dictates, all gifts must be carefully chosen and absolutely appropriate...

Gonzales may be a Spic,
but he's OUR Spic!

What do you mean, fuzzy math?
(4 out of 3 people
have trouble with fractions)

You just don't get it.
I'm the prez, and that means
I'm smarter than you!

Poll numbers in free fall? No problem!
Let our bullet hole stickers
rally the faithful!

Practical gifts for the man who
doesn't know his head from his ass
are always appropriate.

Office supplies are always appropriate.

And the most popular gift choice for George W.'s birthday this year is...

Don't forget to sing!

Happy Birthday. FU!
Happy Birthday. FU!
You Should Be In Gitmo!
With The Rest Of Your Tools!

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