Friday, July 22, 2005

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The GOP's
Tie Breaker

Supreme Court Joke Justice

Sandra Day
"OK. Now I'm Worried!"

"Watch my head bobble."

Many of you will remember that Sandra Day O'Connor began trying to clean up her legacy a couple of years ago, when she published her crapbook (No, I didn't leave out an "s") about her wholesome upbringing and love of the land.

Her pitiful attempt to distance herself from Bush v Gore didn't pass the smell test then, and today's lament doesn't, either.

NOW she's worried about the future of the judiciary? (Yes, "NOW" is worried, too!)

O'Connor Says She Is Worried About Future of Federal Judiciary

July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said she is worried about the future of the federal judiciary because of a ``climate of antipathy'' in Congress.

``I don't think I've ever seen relations as strained as they are now between the judiciary and some members of Congress, and it makes me very sad to see it,'' O'Connor said today at a judicial conference in Spokane, Washington, televised on C-SPAN. LINK


Some members of Congress?

KKKooky Republicans got you down, Sandy?


Does Marbury v Madison ring any bells, Sandy?

When you lie down with dogs... well, you know the rest.

Your legacy can't be revised, Sandy. There are just too damned many of us.

You fucked up the country and the world when you cast that deciding vote in 2000 CE... and installed a dimwitted spokesmodel of demonstrated low moral character.

Suck it, Sandy! You can run, but neither you nor your legacy can hide.

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