Thursday, August 04, 2005

Maybe It's Maybelline... NAAAH! It's You,

Poor Katherine Harris!

Nobody likes her!

Everybody hates her!

And Katherine knows why.

Yet she claims it's not her fault that people hate her...

She says it's because the media "colorized" her makeup.

Think I'm kidding?

Harris Says Newspapers `Colorized' Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup

Published: Aug 3, 2005

TAMPA - --snip-- On Monday, on a conservative radio talk show, Harris, now a congresswoman from Longboat Key running for the U.S. Senate, hit back, blaming newspapers for the criticism and charging that some - without saying which - altered her photographs.

"I'm actually very sensitive about those things, and it's personally painful,'' Harris said when host Sean Hannity asked about her image problems from 2000.

"But they're outrageously false, No. 1, and No. 2, you know, whenever they made fun of my makeup, it was because the newspapers colorized my photograph,'' Harris said.

She didn't explain what she meant by "colorized.''

Asked Tuesday to point to an altered photograph, Harris and her staff could not. --snip--

"Of course it wasn't newspapers, it was television,'' said Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia.

It's not the makeup, Katherine. It's you, Babe.

Okay, Katherine. Those photos are from your official congressional website, charity functions, and campaign stops.

Now that Jebbie & George W. have dropped you like a hot potato, don't start crying about the press ruining your pweshuss widdle kaweer by"colorizing" your Tammy Faye Face.

No one has "colorized" you, Honey.

You're just an evil bitch.

Now, go eat a worm.

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