Monday, August 01, 2005

George W. Coward

What does a coward do?

He Texas Connecticut Two-Steps around Congress and hands Revoltin' John Bolton a recess appointment as our US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Then he sneaks off to the pig farm in Crawford (for the 50th time in 5 years) and hides behind the Secret Service...




If our children really are the future, appointing John Bolton to "reform" the UN is tantamount to...

The world hates us enough already.

Does anyone honestly believe that the UN will cooperate with Bolton?

This guy lied under oath to Congress.

Does anyone honestly believe that he won't lie to the United Nations?

Recess appointment, my ass.

George W. Coward has nothing to lose by pulling this stunt.

And he obviously doesn't give a shiny rat's ass about the future of the Republican party, our country, or the world.

In other words...

Heavy sigh.

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