Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Update:
We've Finally Turned Phyllis Schlafly!

VLWC Action Alert!

Congratulations, VLWC operatives! We've been working on turning Syph-Phyllis Schlafly for decades, and our hard work has finally paid off.

For the impressionable youngsters in our VLWC Youth Corps, ask your liberal commie pinko parents and liberal commie pinko teachers about Phyllis. The good news: Yesterday, Ms. Schlafly wrote this...

George W. Bush, who will never again run for office, is selfishly destroying the Republican Party. He is molding the Republican Party into the Party of Big Business and Big Government.

-- Phyllis Schlafly

Pigs are flying. Repeat. Pigs are flying. Over and Out.

So you think you know Delilah?
Judges 16:19--


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Blogger Granny said...

There has to be an ulterior motive somewhere.

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