Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Let's Play A Game: Where Does Tom DeLay Really Live?

Here are your choices:

A. Tom DeLay lives in Texas.

B. Tom DeLay lives in Virginia.

Supporting Evidence:

Texas- Tom DeLay solicited campaign donations from the (cough) good people of Texas for his re-election as their US Representative, filed the necessary papers, and won the primary.

Now, DeLay gets to keep all of those campaign donations, which will surely come in handy when his gi-normous legal bills come due; however, DeLay has resigned his seat and plans to move to Virginia, where he'll most likely join the ranks of the disgraced Republican lobbying crime syndicate. Ka-Ching!

Virginia- Tom DeLay has registered to vote in Virginia, even though he still has a homestead tax exemption in Texas, even though his family is staying in Texas, and even though he's ON THE FRIGGIN' BALLOT IN TEXAS.

Now, DeLay has to leave Texas because Texas law requires him to leave the state so another candidate's name can replace his on the ballot.

Confused yet?

Democrats' Suit Slaps Speed Bumps On Republicans' Congressional Racetrack

by Bob Dunn

Regardless of the motives or merits of a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Texas Democratic Party, Republicans will have to admit the action has had an immediate freezing effect on their plans to get a Tom DeLay replacement candidate out into the public.

The suit, and a temporary restraining order granted late Friday afternoon by Travis County District Court Judge Darlene Bryne, is aimed at preventing anyone but DeLay from appearing on the November ballot for Congressional District 22.

Language in the restraining order, which is in effect until Judge Byrne says otherwise, specifically prevents Texas GOP Chair Tina Benkiser from calling a meeting of what we’ve been referring to as the Committee of 4 – one CD-22 precinct chair each from Fort Bend, Harris, Brazoria and Galveston counties, who are supposed to choose a DeLay replacement candidate. --snip--

Tom DeLay swears he’s ineligible for office based on living outside the district, when a scant few months ago former Fort Bend County GOP Chairman Eric Thode swore he was eligible to continue holding office despite admittedly living outside the county.

If you picked Texas, know this: Tom DeLay will be defeated easily by Nick Lampson in November, and the Bug Man will forever be known as the sleaze bucket who went out in utter humiliation.

If you picked Virginia, Tom DeLay has committed voter fraud (like Ann Coulter in Florida), which is a friggin' felony.

By dashing over the Virginia line, getting a driver's license, and registering to vote while still claiming a homestead exemption in Texas, the IRS should also sit up and take notice.

Of course, the big R after DeLay's name probably means that no legal authority will really challenge the former insect exterminator. That being said, at least DeLay will have to part with a sizable chunk of his campaign donations from his foolish followers.

And we all win when that happens.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19--


Anonymous Paul -V- said...

Republican leaders just can't seem to operate without breaking the law.

While Delay's legal troubles are entertaining, I won't be satisfied until I see him in an orange prison jumpsuit.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I work for the Fort Bend Democrats in CD22, and I put in a call to our tax office and election on the day he was delcared inelgible by the state chair.

On that day, and it's the only day that matters, he was still a registered voter and still claiming the homestead in Sugar Creek.

Add to that the recent "North California" goof, and I think this lawsuit is win-able.

10:53 PM  

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