Monday, June 18, 2007

NBC's Brian Williams: GE "Terrorism Biz Guy" Or Just Another Dim Bulb?

You can't make this up:

Accompanying (New York Mayor) Bloomberg on his daily subway trip, with two police bodyguards, from Gracie Mansion to City Hall, Williams questioned the mayor about the vulnerability of the subway system to terrorist attacks. Bloomberg noted that he would ride four subway trains that day and had no qualms doing so, going on to say that one was more likely to be hit multiple times by lightning than become a victim of a terrorist subway attack.

That’s when Williams, demurring, prefaced his concerns with “we in the terrorism business.”

Crikey! Delusions of grandeur much, Brian?

Brian Williams is one of the not-so-good-things GE "brings to light."

Hm. "Dim bulb" comes to mind.

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