Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Larry Craig Was On The US Senate Ethics Committee?

Creepier and creepier.

1995 just called to remind us that Larry Craig was upset about Bob Packwood's sordid deeds and subsequent departure from government service...

``It was not an easy decision to vote to expel a colleague from the Senate, but it was the right one,'' said Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, one of three Republicans on the committee.

Craig noted that huge numbers of documents related to the case -- 10 volumes of 1,000 pages each -- will be released today. ``I believe that a thorough examination of this material will cause the American people to understand why the ethics committee made the decision it has,'' he said.

There's more...

One particularly poignant moment came during an exchange between Packwood and Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, a member of the Ethics panel. Afterward, they shook hands and hugged one another. Then Craig began sobbing and quickly strode into the GOP cloakroom, his hands covering his face.

And who's bright idea was it to put Larry Craig on the ethics panel?

Here's another little blast from the past...

The eagles must be soaring...

Because I haven't heard a word from either Lott or Ashcroft, have you?

Let the crickets chirp!

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