Monday, October 01, 2007

Pat Buchanan: Republican Racism Saves Time & Money

Remember this little gem from 1996?

"Pat Buchanan's choice of Ezola Foster as a running mate appalled many white supremacists who supported him, despite Foster's far-right credentials."

Obviously, Pat has completely forgotten Ezola Foster...

Pat Blowhard Buchanan actually told Meet The Press' Timmy Russert that McCain, Romney, Thompson and Giuliani were smart not to waste precious campaign time and money by taking time out to participate in the Morgan State debate.

The math Buchanan employed was (cough) logical (cough)... if you're a total asswipe:

90 percent of Republican votes are -- in the general election are non-Hispanic, white.

That is a higher percentage in the primaries, even higher percentage in New Hampshire and Iowa.

There is a risk going to this gathering here, and there's very little reward...

I can understand why they don't go down there and get asked about affirmative action.

They look at the risks, they look at the rewards, they say, 'Look, this is going to be decided in the month of January. How does this help me in January and what we're building for, the Republican nomination?'

13 percent of the country is African-American.

About 10 percent of the votes are African-American and Republicans get about 10 percent of that.

And so taking your time out of the critical areas -- Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina -- does not make sense to me if I were advising them. I would look at the costs, look at the benefits, make the call there.

Think that's pitiful? How about the next words out of Russert's mouth?

MR. RUSSERT: Let me show you the latest poll in Iowa, of Republicans, Dan Balz. This is Newsweek, all Republicans. We have Romney at 25; Thompson, 16; Giuliani, 15; McCain, 7; Huckabee, 6. With likely caucus voters, Romney’s still ahead at 24; Thompson, 16; Giuliani, 13; McCain, 9; Huckabee, 12. He, he won—did very well at that straw vote. You’ve been living in Iowa. What are you seeing out there with the Republicans?

Tim ignores Buchanan's creepy "Ignore The Black Folk" analysis and asks Dan Balz about Iowa polling.

Up in the air, Junior Birdmen!

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