Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Best. Debate Answer. Ever.

If you missed last night's Dem debate, you missed Timmeh Russert Potato Head getting his Yukon Gold ass handed to him...

RUSSERT: Tonight, will you say that the pledge of five million jobs (in New York) might be a little exuberant?

CLINTON: No, Tim, because what happened in 2000 is that I thought Al Gore was going to be president and when I made the pledge, I was counting on having a Democratic White House, a Democratic president, who shared my values about what we needed to do to make the economy work for everyone and to create shared prosperity.

And as you know, despite the difficulties of a Bush administration and a Republican Congress for six years of my first term, I have worked very hard to create jobs. But, obviously, as president, I will have a lot more tools at my disposal.

And the reason why we can create at least five million new jobs -- I mean, this is not a big leap -- 22.7 million new jobs were created during the eight years of the Clinton administration under my husband.

We can create at least five million new jobs. I'm not just talking about it. I helped to pass legislation to begin a training program for green collar jobs. I want to see people throughout Ohio being trained to do the work that will put solar panels on roofs, install wind turbines, do geothermal, take advantage of biofuels.

And I know that if we had put $5 billion into the stimulus package to really invest in the training and the tax incentives that would have created these jobs, as the Democrats wanted, as I originally proposed, we would be on the way to creating those.

You know, take a country like Germany. They made a big bet on solar power. They have a smaller economy and population than ours. They've created several hundred thousand new jobs, and these are jobs that can't be outsourced.

These are jobs that have to be done in Youngstown, in Dayton, in Cincinnati. These are jobs that we can create here with the right combination of tax incentives, training and a commitment to following through.

So I do think that at least five million jobs are fully capable of being produced within the next 10 years.

Wow! And wait 'till you read Timmeh's response to that thwack-filled answer...


WILLIAMS: Senator Obama, yesterday, Senator Clinton gave a speech on foreign policy, and I'm going to read you a quote from it.


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