Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's Ask Obama About The High Cost Of Healthcare & His Wife's $300K Hospital Board Salary

Before I begin my rant, I have to say that I'm a fan of Democrats' earmarks for the most part. Without them, after-school programs, subsidized lunches, community clinics, reading programs, and other worthwhile projects wouldn't have much of a chance to thrive. That being said, I do take issue with politicians who use said earmarks to line their own damned pockets. Enough said.

Frankly, I'm not holding my breath while waiting for a PA debate moderator to ask Saint Obama about his million dollar earmark to his wife's employer, The University of Chicago Hospital.

Or about Michelle Obama's "job" there as VP of Community Affairs (one of those "image improvement" jobs-- to the tune of $300K. (No wonder healthcare costs are so damned high! $300,000 a year to a hospital administrator who is in charge, not of any department having anything to do with the quality of health care being provided but, of "community affairs?")

Or about the fact that Michelle Obama's salary more than doubled shortly after her husband was elected to the US Senate.

Sidebar: If you can find any mention of a "vice president for community and external affairs" (with or without the appendage of "external") at the U of C Hospitals prior to Michelle Obama, let me know.

I can't find anything explaining this VP job.

Nor can I find any reference to Michelle Obama's predecessor in that job.

Hm. Maybe the debate moderator will ask about the fact that Barack Obama's #1 campaign contributor was --you guessed it-- The University of Chicago Hospital. (Note that the contribution just about matches Michelle Obama's salary prior to her husband's election to the US Senate.

And then there's Obama's connection to the Crowns and Pritzkers.

More on that later, but check out Obama's earmarks for yourself.

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