Thursday, March 20, 2008

McCain May Have No Clue What's Going On, But Right Now He's Winning

How freakin' weird is this?

McCain's qualities in the GE

by Jerome Armstrong, Wed Mar 19, 2008 at 11:22:28 PM EST

Ignoring the GE polls, which this far out are good for looks, and momentum (and maybe the nomination) for a post; I've been looking at a CNN poll (via email) that details the ups and downs of McCain for the GE.

1. Has the right experience to be president? Yes, say 68%

2. Is a strong and decisive leader? That applies, say 65%

3. Would work well with both parties to get things done in Washington? Yes, say 56%

4. Cares about people like you? That applies, say 51%

5. Someone you would be proud to have as president? That applies, say 51%

6. Can bring the kind of change the country needs? No, say 58%

7. Has a vision for the country's future? That does not apply, say 59%

8. Generally agrees with you on issues you care about? That does not apply, say 59%

Creepy, to say the least.

So... who can derail the McCain Train?

Who can successfully speak out --with authority-- against the historical divisiveness of groups like the evangelical rightwing (currently being courted by McCain) and have the names, dates, and quotes they've used against her/him to back up such claims?

Who can successfully detail the Democratic Party's half century of demanding equal rights and economic security for all people --without vilifying one or more groups of people-- and have the names, dates, and quotes to back her/him up?

Who can successfully attack McCain's "works well with both parties" claim without promising to appoint Republicans to her/his cabinet?

Who can offer "change" that is based on promoting the general welfare of all and not just her/his personal demographic?

Who can defeat McCain with 4 5 simple words?

Those words? "It's still the economy, stupid."

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19-- and and


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Yep! It's the economy.

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