Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama: "Pay No Attention To My Brother In His Hovel!"

Barky O's hovel-dwelling brother lives on $1 a day.

While the bodysurfing Hawaii/ Harvard/ Chicago/ Washington DC Obama brother complains about the high cost of arugula, his brother George lives in a tin hut outside Nairobi, Kenya (Look left).

Just last Saturday, Barky had this to say during the Saddleback religious forum:

Obama told the Rev. Rick Warren that "we still don't abide by that basic precept of Matthew: that whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.

"That basic principle applies to poverty. It applies to racism and sexism; it applies to not thinking about providing ladders of opportunity for people to get into the middle class."

By the way, Obama's brother is not now --and has never been-- "lost."

Barky wrote (in his plural autobiographies) about meeting George twice; hence, George is not a long lost relative.

I could understand Barky's indifference if George had chosen not to share his plight with his family. (We all have family members whose personal circumstances are unknown to us at any given time.)

I could even understand Barky's indifference, were he just an average guy living in Chicago and working with William Ayers.

But I have a hard time believing that a sitting US senator --who has been running for president for years-- doesn't bother to check up on his family members (especially a brother), even for political purposes.

Usually, it's the family member who embarrasses the candidate.

Not this time.

Truly heavy sigh.

Number of days since Donna Brazile promised to leave the party if superdelegates decided the Dem nominee:

Donna has known for a long time now that superdelegates would be necessary for any Dem candidate to win the nomination this year. Ask Donna when she intends to keep her promise.
Don't hold your breath awaiting a reply.

Here's Donna now...

"For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are."
-Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19-- and and


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