Monday, August 23, 2004

A Reader Responds

From Andrewskd...


Shame on the news media for their relentless pandering of the Swift Boat malarkey, now reduced to a Stink Boat of dying and decomposing lies. Many venomous vets have flip flopped; most accusations are hearsay; generals and more eyewitnesses are publicly supporting Kerry; one accuser is politically linked to the Bush Band; others like Thurlow and O’Neill have been incinerated; and the official records support Kerry. There is no valid issue here, just stink and smoke.

Although an incestuous relationship between this Ship of Fools and Bush is as yet unproven, we know that under the law “silence means consent.” Therefore, Bush’s shameful refusals to condemn this nightmare of poisonous allegations despite appeals from his own party places him as an instigator and not an innocent bystander. Smeargate is the Bush reply to Kerry’s plea for a positive campaign predicated on the issues. It should be condemned by all patriotic Americans and especially by those with strong Christian and family values.

For G.W. Bush with his reptilian record of cowardice and desertion, hatching a rotten egg like Smeargate is like embracing a live grenade. But he really has no choice since the White House is one of only two groups calculating to benefit from this Borgia Bush Bandwagon driven by the news media. The second group are those heroes fantasizing that defeating Kerry will ease their hurt feelings and Vietnam demons.

Of course, it won’t, and furthermore the term, “self-inflicted wound” doesn’t even describe John Kerry. It really refers to masochistic middle class citizens and pouting veterans supporting Bush despite being repeatedly screwed by Bush policies for over three and one-half years. So much for circular firing squads.

True patriots never attack the views and personal military sacrifices of another veteran. To continue to do so is a betrayal of the contributions of all who have worn the uniform, and specifically all of those who have been decorated for heroic service. In response to this outrage, no loyal self-respecting citizen can be silent.

Thanks, Andrew!


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