Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Face The Nation, Damn it!


The world's worst natural disaster, and George W. is AWOL... again.

What could keep George W.'s handlers from trotting him out armed with a note card to say how much he appreciates relief efforts?

Could it be that he was in no shape to be seen in public?

Could it be that his frequent trips to the pig farm are more than mere vacations?

What's really up with George W.'s Face?

President Bush announces, Monday, Jan. 3, 2005, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, that he is appointing former Presidents George H.W. Bush, not shown, and Bill Clinton, right, to head up efforts to raise money for the massive American relief operation in the Asian tsunami-battered regions. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds) LINK

And don't tell me he did this while clearing all of that (in)famous brush at the pig farm.

11 November 2000: George W Bush talks
on his ranch near Crawford, Texas

I've decided that George W.'s trips to the pig farm must include surgical procedures.

Maybe skin cancer.

Maybe cosmetic.

Words to live by, George W. Nixon:

It's not the lie.
It's the cover up.

Speaking of cover up...

If you have to lie about facial surgery, you could at least cover the evidence with a little Dermablend!


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