Monday, March 14, 2005

She's Baaaaaaaack...
And Here's Why

Yep, folks!

She's Back.

And she's giving up $15,000 per month as a George W. Kitchen Table Consultant for a meager government paycheck!


Karen Hughes appears delighted
to take a cut in pay
in order to brand the USA as
the "I'm Lovin' It" Nation for George W.!

Last week, after George W.'s disastrous attempt to fool red state fools into supporting his scheme to destroy our Guaranteed Social Security Safety Net, your scrivener predicted the return of Karen Hughes (aka Lizard Lady). I expected she would work to reshape George W.'s message on domestic issues.

I was right, and I was wrong.

I was right about the return of Karen Hughes, but I was wrong about her new mission.

Just when you think BushCo can't possible get any weirder...

Bush to Name Karen Hughes to State Post

Saturday, March 12, 2005

WASHINGTON — President Bush will nominate one of his closest longtime advisers to a key State Department post in an effort to help repair the United States' image abroad, especially in the Arab world, a senior administration official said Saturday.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the announcement that Bush has selected Karen Hughes to be undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs will be made early next week, possibly as early as Monday. The position requires Senate confirmation.

The official said that Hughes, 48, will spearhead the administration's campaign to promote democracy in the Middle East. LINK

Karen Hughes will spearhead the administration's campaign to promote democracy in the Middle East?

Maybe on Planet Oh, Right Sure!

Your scrivener's mission has always been to connect the dots, or more aptly named, the random excretive droppings within mainstream media reports on BushCo.

Keep in mind when you read the following excerpt that Karen Hughes has been hanging out at home in Texas, supposedly doing Mom stuff with her Flying Monkey children, while collecting $15,000 per month from George W.!

Brand USA is in trouble, so take a lesson from Big Mac

Instead of changing his foreign policy, President Bush is changing the story

Naomi Klein
Monday March 14, 2005
The Guardian

Last Tuesday, George Bush delivered a major address on his plan to fight terrorism with democracy in the Arab world. On the same day, McDonald's launched a massive advertising campaign urging Americans to fight obesity by eating healthily and exercising. Any similarities between McDonald's "Go Active! American Challenge" and Bush's "Go Democratic! Arabian Challenge" are purely coincidental.

Sure, there is a certain irony in being urged to get off the couch by the company that popularised the "drive-thru", helpfully allowing customers to consume a bagged heart attack without having to get out of the car and walk to the counter. And there is a similar irony to Bush urging the people of the Middle East to remove "the mask of fear" because "fear is the foundation of every dictatorial regime", when that fear is the direct result of US decisions to install and arm the regimes that have systematically terrorised for decades. But since both campaigns are exercises in rebranding, that means facts are besides the point.

The Bush administration has long been enamoured of the idea that it can solve complex policy challenges by borrowing cutting-edge communications tools from its heroes in the corporate world. The Irish rock star Bono has recently been winning unlikely fans in the White House by framing world poverty as an opportunity for US politicians to become better marketers. "Brand USA is in trouble ... it's a problem for business," Bono warned at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The solution is "to redescribe ourselves to a world that is unsure of our values".

The Bush administration wholeheartedly agrees, as evidenced by the orgy of redescription that now passes for American foreign policy. Faced with an Arab world enraged by the US occupation of Iraq and its blind support for Israel, the solution is not to change these brutal policies: it is to "change the story". LINK

Enter Karen Hughes in her size 13 Quad D's.

Karen has had plenty of time to study MacDonald's commercials while being paid handsomely to consult George W. while the kids were at school.

Now she has this scathingly brilliant idea to morph MacDonald's branding success into US Middle East Foreign EFFING Policy.

Karen Hughes is being cast as our lame-assed version of Golda Meir.

Anyone else scared shitless by this?


Would you like fries with that foreign policy?

Me, either.

Thanks to Hypnotoad for the graphic!


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