Thursday, July 07, 2005

Accident Prone

Worse than Gerald Ford on a bad day.

How, exactly, does a bike rider "collide with" a pedestrian's ankle?

By the way, the last line of this BBC News story is priceless!

Bush bruised in bicycle crash

George Bush has collided with a police officer during a bike ride on the grounds of the Scottish hotel hosting the G8 summit.

The US president suffered scrapes on his hands and arms and was treated by a White House doctor, his spokesman said.

The Scottish police officer, on security duty, was sent to hospital to be treated for a minor ankle injury. --snip--

This is not the president's first accident.

In May 2004, he was badly grazed after falling off his mountain bike during a ride at his Texas ranch and, in June 2003, he fell off his hi-tech Segway scooter.

In January 2002, he grazed his cheek after choking on a pretzel and fainting.

At some point, this guy's gonna have to consider taking up yoga.

Meanwhile, down the road a bit...

A real Texan takes a real bike ride.

Lance Armstrong

Heavy sigh.


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