Friday, August 19, 2005

The Best Of The Best

Normally, I don't post comments I get on individual blog posts, but sometimes the authors are just too damned clever to keep all to myself!

The best of this week's comments...

From Bartleby:

I'm repeating, again and again:

I WILL be strong.

I will be honest.

I will NOT steal the name "George W. Vacation Boy" from this blog.

Very, very good! My congratulations to you for thinking that one up. Highly apt.

(I'm also trying very hard to resist stealing the Poor Man's name for Bush's vacation paradise: the "Neverland Ranch.")

Good blog.

Thanks, Bartleby! I've given George W. Fill-In-The-Blank many, many different surnames over the past year. Check the post titles in my archives.

From Kat:

Hey Delilah,

You gotta be down with the Chickster. True, it's scary as hell that a man could devote so much of his life to scrawling hundreds of hateful mini-comics and distributing them worldwide.

But I like to think that Chick-tracts (or Chicktrocities, as they're sometimes known) have done a great job of turning people away from that blood-thirsty old-time religion. I suspect Jack has converted more people to atheism than Christism.

For decades, JC (hey, check the initials!) has been covering the hard topics that the godless media won't touch - the 6000 year-old earth; how to intellectually beat down your liberal/satanist/evolutionist school teachers with easy questions that blow Darwin out of the water; how virtually everyone is going to hell, especially those who seem to live a virtuous (but Jebus-free) life - every nutjob topic that's creeping out from under rocks and into the mainstream right now has been the subject of a Chick-tract (or a dozen).

I think my favourite has to be the near-wordless (the only text consists of "Pssst", "Noooo!" and "It's AIDS") big-panel strip about the 12 year-old kid skipping to school who is accosted by a joint-wielding satanist in an alley ("Pssst!"). Within a few panels, he's shooting up, then arrested, then sodomised in jail ("Noooo!"), then diagnosed with AIDS (you get the picture), and finally expiring on his death bed. I can't remember if he manages to accept Jack Chick as his personal lordnsaviour before the end. He may have ended up roasting for all eternity as well, I'm not sure.
Now I have to look it up. I'll try to post a link.

Thanks for a stonking blog (and Blogbox), incidentally.

"Chicktrocities?" Hilarious! OK, Kat. If you don't already blog, you should! And thanks for the "Chick Shtick" info. I'm sure I'll be revisiting Jack Dick Chick in future Sunday sermons.

I wish you all a happy weekend.

Just remember...

Don't park next to serial killer vans.


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