Friday, August 05, 2005

Novakula Gets Time Off For Bad Behavior

Yep. CNN has suspended my favorite wingnut traitor/media whore for pitching a hissy fit on TV yesterday (scroll down this page for the nitty gritty).

Yes, the bastard deserved the suspension.

No, I'm not completely happy about it.

Novakula can now use his CNN suspension as a reason for not answering questions, such as...

Why did you cite Jim Guckert/ Jeff Gannon (White House gay porn boy toy) as a reputable source in your recent self-defense column?

Why did you claim you learned the name "Plame" from "Who's Who In America?"

So many more questions.

No Novakula answers.

This suspension makes it oh, so much easier, though, for Novakula to hide in his coffin and avoid the deadly light of day.

Heavy sigh.

I'll be back this afternoon with this week's Backside Of The Bell Curve winner. Until then, read The Blog Box (link is in the sidebar).

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