Friday, August 05, 2005

This Week's
Backside Of The Bell Curve


Suddenly Concerned
News Outlet

Bob Novak has apologized to CNN for saying, "This is bullshit."

CNN has apologized to the viewers.

CNN has suspended Novak indefinitely.

Where was CNN when Novak was polluting news print and air waves with these other stunts?

CNN's Novak under fire for calling American Indians election thieves (LINK)

CNN's Novak smeared Sen. Clinton as "Madame Defarge" (LINK)

Novak's loyalty to his sources was called into question after he revealed Robert Hanssen as the confidential source for some of his articles. Hanssen had served as the source for a column which attacked Janet Reno's role in an alleged cover-up of a campaign finance scandal in 1996.(LINK)

n 2003, he disclosed the identity of CIA covert agent Valerie Plame in his newspaper column. Novak reported the information was provided to him by "senior administration officials." The leak and allegations of a possible cover-up are currently being investigated. (LINK)

Novak compares Reid's offer to the holocaust (LINK)

After a published anonymous quote from a Democratic senator labeling 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern as being for "acid, amnesty, and abortion" was contested as fabricated, critics began deriding Evans and Novak's work as "Errors and No Facts". (LINK)

In March 2004, Novak insinuated on CNN's Crossfire that Richard Clarke had revealed government mistakes in his book dealing with the war against terrorism because he resented Condoleezza Rice's position as a black woman on the cabinet. In response to this insinuation, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show labeled Novak a "Douchebag of Liberty." Stewart has repeated the phrase a few times when Novak said or did something Stewart considered foolish or hypocritical. (LINK)

In August 2004, after other journalists had reported on it, Novak admitted that his son, Alex Novak, is the Director of Marketing for the Swift Boat Veterans' publisher, Regnery Publishing. At the time he said that he didn't "think it relevant." Two months later reported that Regnery's owner is also the publisher of Novak's own US$297 newsletter and that Novak is on the board of a foundation whose chief holdings are the stock of Regnery's parent company. (LINK)

Novak Recycles Gannon on 'Plame-gate' (LINK)

Okay. I give up.

If CNN can ignore the historical asswipery that is Bob Novak until he says, "Bullshit," on the air...

CNN can kiss my Texas-born-and-raised, yellow dog Democrat ass.

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